The Sisters’ Shelter Somaya

Are you female and a victim of violence? You might be beaten, threatened, harassed, and called derogatory things? Want advice? Want support?


Want to talk to someone who really understands you without judging you? Do you want to be able to talk to someone without telling us who you are?


The Sisters' Shelter Somaya is a non-profit organization which operates shelters for both women and girls. We are the first and only shelter that has more than ten years of experience and knowledge of how it is to be a victim of violence and to have a different background then the Swedish.


Women’s shelter

"He draws me by the hair - is it my fault?"

"I love him, but I can't get him to stop hurting me!"

"If I want to leave him - will I then be able see my children?

"It was my fault that he hit me"

"I am afraid he will kill me and the children - where should I go?"

"My husband forces me to have sex with him - is it rape?"

"My husband is beating me, but if I leave him, I will lose
my residence permit? "

"He takes my money."


You can call us if you, or someone you know, become a victim of physical, sexual, economical and mental violence. We listen, we believe in you, and we offer you advice, support and help to move forward.


We can inform you of your rights and opportunities, and we can also provide you with tips on other good advisers, good lawyers, or assist you in any other possible way.


We can also offer you interpretations, translations and other practical things in contact with police, lawyers, health care and governments.

We support you in your own choices and guide you toward "self-help".


We can also provide sheltered accommodations. We have sworn secrecy and everything you say remains with us. You can remain anonymous if you wish.


Dial 020 - 81 82 83

Number is free and will not appear on the phone bill.


E-mail kvinnojouren@somaya.se


The shelter for Girls

"I can't see my friends - my family say they have bad
influence on me "

"I am not allowed to wear the clothes I want"

"I have to think about the family's reputation – that is why I hide my love"

"I can't marry the person I love, I need to marry someone
my family has chosen for me"

"My brother checks my mobile phone all the time"

"I have been raped - but I can't tell anyone. Everyone will say that it is my fault"

"My family says I have to bleed on my wedding night"

"If I get married, I think I will be free to decide over my own life"


Are you a girl bellow the age of 26?

Need someone to talk to?

Do you feel unfairly treated?


You love your family but you also want their respect. You may have to marry someone that you do not want to marry? You might not be allowed to live your life your way. Can't hang out with your friends or participate in any
recreational activities.


We at Somaya's Shelter for Girls listen to you without judging, moralizing or blame. No one thought or question is too big or too small for us.

We can give you advice in several languages.
We are here especially for you who live in two different cultures.
You can email, call or visit us.
We can help you plan your for own safety .

Furthermore, we have protected lots of girls who have had to flee their homes because of threats and violence.

It is your right as a human being to live a life with respect and freedom.


Dial 020 - 81 82 83

The number is for free and will not appear on the phone bill.

E-mail tjejjouren@somaya.se